Steps to Getting Ready

It helps to have all your ducks in a row when starting the buying process. The Compass Team can help you with any questions you might have about the steps below. We're here for you from search to move.

  • 1. Get pre-approved.
  • 2. Know your price range (See the mortgage calculator below for a general idea).
  • 3. What would you like your monthly payment to be?
  • 4. Determine the area you would like to live (school districts, neighborhoods, etc).
  • 5. Contact the Compass Team!

Mortgage Calculator

Most home buyers require a mortgage to secure a home or another type of real estate. As with any other type of loan, the amount is amortized over a number of years. Most mortgages carry either 15 or 30 year terms. Choose from a tab, fill out your information and click, "calculate" to see you results.
Call Compass Team Northwest at 253-466-3736 for more information.

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